Time already

It is seriously time to get off my backside and start publishing some content.  I love to do so many things, but I have fear.  Lots of it that some mean kids will be mean to me.  I am a dork and a nerd and can’t help it.  I try to play well with others, sooooo   let’s see where this will lead.  I hope this ends up more fun than depressing.

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I am a rambling craft addict!

  Many of you are probably addicted to one or more types of crafting, but I have a tendency to ramble from one to another , learning many and rambling back to where I began.  I began sewing when I was five.  I got my first Kenmore when I was nine.  My mothers immortal words were here’s the bobbin, here’s the needle, don’t sew through your fingers it hurts.  ” Ik Kan Doen!” I can do it, is my phrase, if I don’t know how I will read about it, ask questions, study it and just do it my way.  Life is so much more interesting when you craft and continue to peruse the many styles and and techniques out there.    At this current time my favorites are sewing, quilting, cooking gluten free or paleo, making cheese and soaping.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of what I dabble in.   Hope we can have some fun together.

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